Cybersecurity awareness in your life

Many companies believe Cybersecurity awareness is based on a single annual training, but real-world examples tell us that it is an ongoing process, it requires companies to know their employees and communicate with them more presently.

Training Benefit

A company is made of different people with different tasks, but there is one thing common to all: they all have a life outside their workplace, and all can benefit from good cybersecurity practices in their private lives.

If cybersecurity is, nowadays, a discipline so necessary across all the different types of professional fields, if it needs a type of training that is more personalized, what better way to demonstrate it to employees than showing that cybercriminals don't aim just for companies and anyone with a smartphone or a personal mail is a potential target.

 A phishing text message that (apparently) enables the victim to win a grocery shopping voucher, emails with fake charity campaigns, or a simple phone call using social engineering techniques the list of frauds and schemes is endless.

"cybercriminals don't aim just for companies, 
and anyone with a smartphone or personal mail is a potential target"

Sharing stories

Companies should know that passing to employees the importance of good Cybersecurity practices is a win-win situation. Sharing stories and real examples not only of threats and dangers but of prevention and solutions he/she gains a set of practices that protect him/her and his/her family from dangers that sometimes he/she didn't even know existed.

In that way, the company gains from the fact that the employee is practicing more regularly a set of important practices that have continuity in his/her professional life.

The modern company can make employees understand that cybersecurity is a type of security that is getting more urgent to understand, and they can translate to their personal lives the training companies offer them.