An ounce of prevention

There's an old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”. This can be true when we're talking about security and especially true when talking about cybersecurity.

A growing problem

Unfortunately, cybercrime has been a growing tendency in the last couple of years, and the most recent pandemic seemed to accentuate it. Cybercriminals began to explore new kinds of ways to evolve their techniques and turn their attacks more sophisticated and harder to counter.
A common mistake of several companies is to think that they don't own anything valuable to a cyber-criminal. In this age of data information, this vision can be ruinous to a business or a company.
To face this problem head-on is to recognize the external threats, the internal vulnerabilities, and weak points realistically, and that may be what it takes to avoid them being discovered by the wrong people.
If modern companies prepare for the unpredictable and know that accidents happen when you least expect them to, then they should, as a whole, understand what a cyberattack is, how it works, what it costs, how to avoid them and what to do if it occurs.

"...prepare for the unpredictable and know that accidents happen when you least expect them to..."


And a delayed solution

In many cases, a company only knows it has fallen victim to a cyber-attack days, weeks, or even months after it has happened and the damage has occurred, whether it's economic or reputational.
After the worse has happened and the attack has been discovered speed is the key. To contact specialized security so it can gather the maximum possible information to understand the extension, and the duration of the attack but also the vulnerabilities of the defense, and also if it could be avoided. Remember that the best way to minimize damage is to be prepared for it.